Special Offers


for sale abt 350m2 of air-dried KERUING, standard & btr quality, S4S (z-profile) 20 x 135mm (total width)

Price is only Euro 19/m2 EXW Talsi/ Latvia (depending on the volume we can consider to offer same price on DDU terms)

2) thermo treated OAK

for sale thermo treated OAK, FAS grade

Dimension/ Price:

20 x 140/145mm S4S (any profile can be produced) @ Euro 26,5/m2 FCA Talsi/ Latvia + PVN

20 x 140mm S4S T&G                                            @ Euro 28,5/m2 FCA Talsi/ Latvia + PVN

thermo treated OAK can be used for outside decking/ cladding & inside flooring


3) thermo ABACHI

Thermo ABACHI S4S, E4E sauna laths & T&G


20/22 x 85/90mm

15/18 x 85/90mm (T&G)

Length: 1,5 – 4,0m

Price: Euro 1,9 linear meter EXW Talsi

Request more information - silvex @ silvex . lv


please call + 371 22045566